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The Treasury at HKBC

The Hong Kong Bankers Club is redesigned to modernize its identity while nodding to British and Chinese heritage. The new contemporary look mirrors the evolution of the city’s finance industry. The move helped reinvent the club with a modern twist on traditional UK club culture and Chinese design elements.

The Treasury is a contemporary Western restaurant with monochromatic petrol blue and gray interiors interpreted in various materials. Included elegantly padded leather banquettes, velvet armchairs, lacquered walls, and exquisite textured rugs. A striking focal point on one of the formal restaurant’s walls is two of the original club’s paintings depicting Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor. The adjacent room hosts The Harmony. A private dining and lounge area with a similar color palette toned down for a softer and more intimate feel. Elegant blue fabric complements a stunning collection of lithographs framed in gold that adorn the walls. This ensures acoustic insulation, while a glass sliding door decorated with fine metal mesh guarantees absolute privacy.




Hong Kong




300 sqm



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