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The Hong Kong Bankers Club

Hong Kong Bankers Club spans 22,000 sqft at the Nexxus building at the heart of the city’s Central Business District. The club compounds historical Chinese and British influences with the retro-futurism of 1970s club chic. An entry escalator rises in a tunnel lacquered in auspicious red and gold. Highlighted with brass inlays and mirrors designed to lift the spirit regardless of the day’s market performance. This creates the moment when you are disconnecting from normal life.

This blissful disconnection carries into the amenities. This includes a timber-screened terrace bar and an interior one of fluted, patinated copper topped with black Sahara marble and lit by famed designer Koichi Tanaka of Lightlinks. A pair of dining options are the true dividend. The Treasury offers Western cuisine in a Western-inflected blue and gray room of velvet and padded leather, with walls boasting gold-framed lithographs of local environs. The Dragon, meanwhile, looks East, with Cantonese cuisine served in a fresh take on Chinese banquets, complete with chinoiserie-upholstered chairs, walls clad in wood boiserie panels, and high-gloss lacquered doors. Both are sure to reward interest to the club’s 2,000 members.




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