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Fine & Rare Home

The metal-lined aperture in the lobby interrupts the undulating leather panels. Switching between moments of film projection and glimpses into the cellar beyond. The open plan enables a 30-meter-long vista of the entire space from end to end. The oval profile of the plan in the floor finishes and defines pockets of activity within an otherwise open space.

The climatically controlled, state-of-the-art cellar will store over 1,000 of the finest bottles. Including rare, high-scoring Burgundy, ex-chateau, back-vintage Bordeaux, and exclusive large formats from the most revered producers. The design optimizes wine storage conditions while celebrating the art of winemaking and the cultural heritage of Asia. The shape draws inspiration from the traditional Chinese ‘Moon Gate’ – an architectural element thought to bring good fortune. The cork-lined ceiling pays homage to the winemaking process.

Patinated steel panels bookend the cellar and hidden pivot wall panels allow a private panoramic lounge to be closed off as required.

In collaboration with Studio Mackereth & Nicolas Chandor




Hong Kong




300 sqm



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