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Paris XVI Apartment

An elegant Haussmann-style Paris apartment eflect the essence of France’s 19th-century Second Empire style, combining tradition and modernity. The aesthetic codes of a classic Parisian apartment while integrating them with the functionality of a modern home was key.

The renovation followed the rules of the Haussmannian style, adding British and Asian influences. The result is an enticing and refined project that puts the spotlight on top-drawer craftsmanship. The expert handmade finishes and the various custom pieces designed and made by expert Italian and French artisans were visible.

Carpenters created leather and bronze shelves in the hallway providing a touch of Asian glamour. The same can also be found in the Japanese-style resin shelves above the living room fireplace. The lantern-style light and the geometric floor, in particular, are reminiscent of the atrium of a Parisian mansion.

The monumental entrance, the large windows, and the 10-foot ceilings, perfectly framed the incomparable view of the Eiffel Tower.

To create the classical Parisian look, natural colours such as ivory for the walls and ceilings. The lightly patinated herringbone oak parquet lends a lived-in feel to the space. Dark oak paneling in the powder room and study takes inspiration from British style. In the long hallway, the flooring repeats a traditional 19th-century geometric pattern, made up of grey, black, and white Italian marble. The kitchen floor tiles replicate the same motif. Which is contemporary, more casual, and contrasting shades such as grey with a rust colour for the wall.

Skilled Italian and French artisans were an essential part of the project. Many of the elements are custom-made to make the room more personal, incorporating design elements such as Kartell armchairs and Flos lamps, as well as antique pieces such as the mirror above the dining room fireplace.

Throughout the home, Pierre Bonnefille, a Maître d’art (Master of Art), showcased numerous works. The Maître d’art classification is the most prestigious for a craftsman, designer, painter, or colorist.

The renovation, which was guided by an artistic and poetic feeling, left a lot of space and value for craftsmanship, as well as respect for the historical and cultural identity of the home.






Paris XVI, France




340 sqm


Full renovation completed

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