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Nespresso IFC

Nespresso’s retail environment surrounds guests in an immersive coffee experience allowing for deeper learning and coffee exploration.

Visitors can experience elements that reflect Nespresso’s deep commitment to sustainability, and recycling of used Nespresso capsules. It adherence to a circular economy; one that is restorative by nature and works to minimize waste through careful design.

The space is designed so guests now have an opportunity to enjoy the Ultimate Coffee Experience. Nespresso is known for its immersive journey of discovery. The further you go inside the boutique, the deeper and richer the experience.

contemporary and luminous space invites guests to explore new coffee-tasting rituals. Nespresso’s latest machines and accessories collection, and dedication to sustainability in sophisticated surroundings.

The décor includes sustainably designed materials including tabletops made of used coffee grounds from Nespresso’s factory in Switzerland. To wood which has been 100% sourced from reforestation programs on coffee farms and technological solutions to reduce energy use. In addition to featuring a capsule recycling drop-off point.

Nespresso has defined five arts that are reflected in the design. Art of Design, Art of Coffee Savoir-Faire, Art of Sharing and Caring, Art of Circularity, Art of Hospitality.




Hong Kong, IFC




200 sqm



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