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Mahalo is a Hawaiian expression of gratitude and respect, which is what guests should feel when they enter. The bar, lounge, and open-air terrace offer sweeping views of the city.

The design combines luxury with Tiki, taking the concept in a way that Hong Kong can understand. As guests step out of the elevator, they will be transported back to a romantic, 1970s/1980s time period. When the Polynesian theme took off around the world.

The space creates a setting that subtly encompasses the classical elements of Tiki culture: earth, water, wind, and fire. The interiors feature vegetal, oceanic, and floral components, with tropical plants situated throughout. Intricately designed botanical wallpaper adorning the walls in the entrance and lounge.

Bamboo is visible all around, and two large, 70’s style Jensen light fixtures in the shape of palm trees stand as “islands” inside the room. Behind the bar, large circles and bubbles are a nod not only to the beverage industry but to the avant-garde house of Pierre Cardin on the Cote d’Azur, a 70’s design by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag.




Hong Kong




200 sqm



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