Inverse / Tension


Hong Kong’s urban environment is complex and highly contrasted with a strong presence of neo-vernacular architecture. Typically, spaces are built and evolve by accumulation according to the needs of the various occupants and users which results in organic stratifications of the built environment.





Worn down buildings with a cluster of signboards, juxtaposition of dissonant colours, neon lights, dripping AC condensers and exposed pipe-works translate into an environment in which we can read different layers, historical, urban, functional, and sometimes nature makes its way and grabs back its legitimate share of the city.





Through subtle symbolism we pay tribute to Hong Kong’s Chinese legacy. The mirror together with the Foo Lion dogs incarnating duality and contrast, power and strength complemented by gentleness and wisdom. The Male is positioned on the right looking into the guests, while the Female appears as the Male’s reflection in the mirror. Wooden structure, evoking Chinese traditional carpentry blends in the dark wood background, the base voluntarily “disappears” to sublimates and supports our “Inverse / Tension” to become object of contemplation.






“Inverse / Tension” mirrors and invites you to explore the beautiful internal spaces that can be found in some of Hong Kong’s unassuming buildings. Through the power of interior design, we are able to transform these spaces, into unexpected beauty and poetry.


透過「 Inverse / Tension 」的鏡象和引導,可探索到香港樸素的舊建築群內,那些讓人目不暇給的內部空間。運用室內設計的力量,我們能將空間昇華,轉化為令人意想不到而如詩似畫的場域。




The imperfect texture of the concrete block juxtaposed with the polished brass metal incarnates the potential of each interior space we are given. This contrast stands for the hidden and contrasted beauty in Hong Kong that you cannot find in any other city in the world.





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